Meth Intervention

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What is a Meth Intervention?

Doing a Meth Intervention for addicts is the best way to ensure the drug user stops using and gets into a long-term rehab program. Meth Intervention can involve working with a certified intervention professional and making plans with all those affected by the addict’s Meth use. When you discover someone near to you is using Meth it can be difficult to know what to do. Often, the drug use is to the point where having a simple conversation about addiction and drug rehab won’t be enough. Having an expert like Holly Conklin with Angel Intervention assist you with an Intervention can help to answer many questions. When you are considering a drug intervention, it is vital to make an intervention plan before approaching the Meth user. Meth addiction is one of the most severe drug addictions, and it may not be easy to get your loved one to abandon Meth use.

Holly Conklin is  the leading professional in Meth Intervention Council 

Angel Intervention and Holly Conklin, a Certified Intervention Professional, will speak to the family and anyone involved in the drug abuse crisis to determine the best Meth Intervention plan. The goal of a Meth Intervention is always to get the addict safely into a drug rehabilitation program and begin their long-term substance abuse recovery. Meth use, if not discontinued can cause severe mental health symptoms, weight loss, skin irritations, deterioration of teeth and gums and over time can contribute to an addicts’ life becoming increasingly erratic and unmanageable. Methamphetamine drug use can cause relationship issues, family trouble, financial stress, legal trouble and many other events that negatively impact a person’s life long term. Taking action right away is always recommended to help end the cycle of addiction to Meth.

If you know a loved one needs to stop using Meth , but don’t know how to confront them, please contact Angel Intervention Sevices. Our services can help you to make sure you get your loved one the drug rehabilitation they need and take a lot of the stress off the family or those closest to the addict. Holly Conklin is a successful Certified Intervention Professional who has completed over 800 interventions across the country. We have seen many cases where Meth addicts have gotten into legal trouble, or face serious consequences as a result of Meth use. We can help make a Meth Intervention plan that ensures the addict has the best chance of long term recovery. In addition to offering certified drug interventions, Angel Intervention can help with the following services:
-Travel to Rehab
-Sober Coach
-Long Term Monitoring and Addiction Case Management
-Rehab Placement Options
-Live in Sobriety Mentor or Sober Companion

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