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Angel Intervention Services is proud to announce our new location in Van Wert OH. Our offices are located at 123 S. Washington St., Van Wert OH 45891.

Van Wert Holly Conklin
Van Wert Location

Van Wert

We have been in this area for a year and as we begin to gain traction in Van Wert OH we are working to expand services to local area residents, individuals struggling with addiction issues, supporting friends and family members. For 12 years our primary services have included professional intervention services, family guidance and assistance, treatment location and options and a continuum of care throughout a person’s treatment experience. My name is Holly Conklin CIP, CDAC, CCMIi, CDCA, CIS and I have dedicated my life to helping others, I have traveled throughout the world and nationally providing help to families in crisis through the intervention process and by helping individuals stuck in the deadly cycle of addiction make the most important decision of their addicted lives and that is to seek help. When we relocated to Van Wert OH I realized that this beautiful small community was losing to many young lives to overdose and that viable, important, incredibly smart people were ending up in jail or prison due to decisions made while abusing substances of all kinds.  I hear of so many families giving up hope for their children or family members who are addicted and it’s heartbreaking. My own family never gave up on me and my goal is to assist this community in the “rehabilitation of hope” within the family and for and within the individuals who are addicted who have lost all hope for themselves.

I believe change is possible. I live on hope that through my own experiences, losses and hard work to change that I CAN help to effect change in others.

Currently we are offering reality-based substance abuse counseling, certified assessments, one on one counseling, family guidance, life skills programs and recovery coaching assistance in Van Wert OH. Soon to come we will be offering group sessions and intensive outpatient services as well as outpatient services. Navigating the red tape can be trying for someone like me, whom, yes has a past but who also refuses to give up on people. I refuse to give up in Van Wert OH, I am refusing to take no for an answer in any area of the help process and I absolutely refuse to believe that people can’t or are incapable of solid change. One of my brothers assures me that my past lends credibility to what I do now in trying my very best to save lives! I agree and I’m not afraid of where I’ve been, finding myself again and working hard to help others do the same.

Angel Intervention Services will soon become Angel Intervention and Rehabilitation Services and we are working hard to be able to accept insurance of all kinds. Until that time we are a deeply discounted service in this area and are happy to discuss all the options with anyone who is interested in stopping by our new location. Our office hours vary due to my continued need to travel for intervention services, but I try to be in the office as much as possible and I am always available by phone at 419-771-1050 or 1-800-430-2995

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