Hope is the one defining factor in every life

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We Should never lose  hope due to addiction.

I live on hope.  I wake up with it every morning and I sleep with it every night (don’t tell my husband.)  It is the one defining factor in every life that creates the desire to move forward.  Without it we are lost as individuals, as society members and as potential contributors to tomorrows’ leaders.  Having it is the one thing that can save a person.  When a family looses it, like many do when dealing with an addict, I sometimes end up being that small spark of light that rehabilitates their hope.  Even if that is all I do to help a family I’ve done something really big as far as I’m concerned.  People cannot survive without it.  You want it to be there, present in some form, but sometimes enough is enough and it goes away.  Not having any it at all is a very dangerous thing so I wish this site leaves you hopeful, at the very least.

Don’t lose a loved one because of Addiction , Call Angel  Intervention Now!

I know that parents and family members of addicted people lost hope after a while. Please don’t, please let us help you.

Call 1-800-430-2995 today. Renew your hope.

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